Jumat, 16 September 2011

Should I?

Been so long I dont write this blog. Busy? Maybe that's the min reason or I just in the good position in my life? Lol. I guess in in busy for my works, family, and my life.

But now I'm back? What for?
I just back for telling you that I'm not ok. (curhat)

Ok. Let's we start this post.

Should I?
I choose it for my title.

Probably I'm in the edge condition that force me to say what should I do what is I gonna do. Being person like me now isn't easy, many times that I already spend to create my self.

Meet the confidence, pride, and many more. But now I could see the passion of my life. Now I'm weak, down.

So irritating!
Should I feel with same feeling?
Should I know how big I am?
Should I go through this life?
Should I quit?
What SHOULD I do?