Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

from Bandung to Galau!

When you read the title, i guess you don't understand where Galau is. LOL.
Galau isn't a place but it's about what you feeling. Mixed by sadness, missing.

Let me write the story about to describe my title..

2 days ago i went to Bandung for my office event, Open Recruitment, located at ITENAS (Institut Teknologi Nasional). This is my second event to Bandung. Firstly, it's the same purpose i went to Bandung.

From Bandung..

I think this is the happiness from Bandung.
For the first time i had dinner with my BIG BOSS (means he is my big boss with the big size body. lol. sorry boss). we had quite dinner with him, why? because he is our big boss, we scared make a mistake (slip mouth).
Feel so sorry i can't share the picture. this is because my friend mistake, she don't want to take some pictures with my pocket camera.
Next day, the event is come. Wake up in early morning starting my day. 18 person hired by ANTV with many jobs skill.
2 days event make me so tired, happy, and sad. I'll back to Bandung on May, 28th.

To Galau..

I think this is the Galau form Bandung.
My lovely will going for a week to finish the thesis. A week is hard time for me. I can't meet my love for long time. Signal problem is the thing that make me more feeling sad. I can't reach all the time. I've never been like this with my love. We always could reach each other. Please come back soon Love. I really miss you.


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